About Christina

CHRISTINA’s career begin in city piano bars, featuring in the show of “Crooner” Joe Cambar where she earned the love & appreciation of the audience.
Highly charismatic and known for her sentimental, yet powerful voice, CHRISTINA has performed in various renowned night spots in Lebanon. Some include: The Piano Bar, Le Retro, Phoenicia Intercontinental, Riviera, VIP Lounge, Rosé, Sepia, Table 7, Razz, The Blue Note, Society Wine Lounge, Auberge des Bois, Vow & Main Street. She also performed in acclaimed places in Jordan: PI restaurant & Opera House & in the UAE, QBARA.

For 3 consecutive years, CHRISTINA headlined in the Burlesque show at the “Playroom” where she performed weekly in conjunction with 15 artists live on stage. She was chosen for her broad vocal abilities, her talent as a feisty showgirl and unique connection with the audience where she won their hearts over and over.
Considering the fact that CHRISTINA performs retro and modern greatest hits of Pop songs in English, French, Spanish & Arabic, she has created her own unique style highly sought after for many private parties, weddings, festivals and large scale events, both in Lebanon & Internationally. Some countries include Egypt, the UAE, Jordan & the USA.

CHRISTINA constantly appears on top rated TV programs in Lebanon. Blessed with open and integral people skills, she is often interviewed regarding her career, song choices and future musical plans. CHRISTINA is always invited to sing Live during the shows where she is met with applause and appreciation.

Her musical influences vary from big old time legends Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Sade, Edith Piaff, Aznavour… to nowadays Pop artists Beyoncé, Adèle, Amy Winehouse, Lara Fabian & JLO.

In 2012, during her performances at “Rosé”, CHRISTINA was chosen by renown producer Jean-Marie Riachie to take part in his Christmas CD “Castana” in which she recorded 2 songs.

In May 2015 and under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism, CHRISTINA held her first solo concert arranged and orchestrated by veteran Elie Barrak at the inaugural “Al Madina Theater” where crowds were wowed with a heart-felt performance, array of twisted choreography, seductive atmosphere & gifted musicians.

In November 2015, CHRISTINA was chosen to perform at the prestigious “Takreem” event which took place in Dubai, a yearly event that highlights Arab World Achievements.

CHRISTINA is currently performing in few places around Lebanon & Jordan sharing the stage with some of the finest musicians in the country. Her unique rock and innovative style has marked her path and kept her performances renewed and always unexpected..

CHRISTINA has finished recording her debut Original Single, which will be aired on TV.. stay tuned!

Audiences who watch CHRISTINA perform acknowledge unanimously that they become hypnotized and carried away into her world of artistry, a place where they become, like her, blissfully haunted by the music & the lyrics…

“I always say that the first person to please is myself.. When i have a great time on stage it becomes contagious.. I forget who and where I am.. When I sing I get transported to another time another place another space.. where what matters is not how i look but only the shiver I get out of the moment in Music..” Christina